Here’s one for the little guys

Ever heard of Martin Methodist College? Me neither. Until this morning that is. James Justice flew his 5’10” frame around the college basketball dunk competition and put Martin Methodist on the map. Watching a small guy from a small college win in a big-man big-school game was pretty refreshing if you ask me. check out the highlights courtesy of





I’m not even sure I need to say anything about this next video. just please watch and like me you will be left hoping someday you get to meet this great man.




Report: Chiefs are first to offer Manning deal

Radio Host Brandon Spano is reporting that the Kansas City Chiefs are the first and only team to have laid a contract on the table for Peyton Manning.

A franchise quarterback is something that his been missing in Kansas City for a long time. Last season, the Chiefs lost many key pieces to injury but still managed to contend for an AFC West title. With a solid receiving corps and several versatile players in the backfield, Peyton Manning could be the missing piece GM Scott Pioli has been looking for. He has built a young playmaking defence who, when healthy, could force plenty of turnovers to put the ball in #18’s hands.

Pioli learned the importance of a franchise quarterback while in New England with Bill Belichick. Though the two remain good friends, I highly doubt Bill would be willing to part with Tom Brady. Solution? Sign the only man worthy of being mentioned in the same category as Brady. Peyton Manning.

History has a way of repeating itself so perhaps, like Joe Montana, we may see another QB legend finish his carrier as a Chief.


Peyton’s Dozen is reporting from sources that 12 of the NFL’s 32 teams have contacted Peyton Manning’s representatives. with manning being one of the only players currently eligible to be signed, teams are sure to be scrambling right now to put a Hall of Fame quarterback under centre.

Peyton currently sits firmly in the drivers seat as almost half of the leagues team vying for his services.

Patience is the key Peyton.

C. DuBreuil

Quick Thoughts 1

Here’s a new segment where i’m just gonna write down my thoughts on paper and post them. Some predictions some opinions let me know what you think.

  1. Peyton Manning’s quick trip to Miami after being released is a smart move from the Manning camp to drive possible suitors to make a drastic move.
  2. I think the best place for Peyton would be Kansas City. Solid coach in Romeo Crennel and dynamic players on both sides of the ball. AFC West is a very winnable division aswell.
  3. Though I believe he will be a solid player for some years, expectations for Jeremy Lin right now are a little too high. Melo, Lin and Stoudemire could be a wrecking crew if they develop some chemistry but with several losses in a row it clearly isn’t happening yet.
  4. I wonder if the NFL is going to scapegoat Gregg Williams for player bounties much like Belicheck was for Spygate in 2007? Will other teams be investigated or will Roger Goddell act as if its a league anomaly? A rocky road lies ahead for the NFL thats’s for sure.
  5. With the NHL regular season winding down, it looks like only 2 of the 7 Canadian teams will be making the playoffs. Winnipeg barely hanging onto 8th place we might get lucky and see 3.
  6. As a Habs fan I’m thoroughly disappointed in the way the season has progressed. I believe many changes are in order. GM Pierre Gauthier and Head Coach Randy Cunneyworth will both be gone. The new regime will have an opportunity to start fresh with a lottery pick.
  7. Brian Burke will hold onto his job in Toronto but not by much. With only a dozen games left in the regular season new head coach Randy Carslyle is gonna need a miracle to sneak the Leafs into a playoff spot. Heading into next season Burke will have one last shot to get his Toronto revitalization right. Lets hope he chose the right coach this time.
  8. Though it pains me to say this, kudos to the Ottawa Senators. A team who wasn’t expected to contend for a playoff spot has proven to be a solid team through the first 70 games of the regular season.
  9. With NFL free agency looming and big names on the market it will be interesting to see which teams shell out the most cash. Lots of teams parted ways with seasoned veterans this offseason and will be looking to upgrade. A diluted market in positions like running back and safety could see teams paying more for lesser grade players.
  10. The NFL draft will follow in about about a months time. Always my favourite time of year getting to see the new prospects dished out to their future employers.

C. DuBreuil

Manning Gone

To Edmonton Oiler fans, and most Canadians, August 9th , 1988 lives in infamy. I was just shy of 2 months old at the time but it’s a date I can, sadly, name quicker than my mom’s birthday. The day Wayne Gretzky was traded from the Edmonton Oilers to the Los Angeles Kings. The unforgettable moments of a tearful Great One sitting next to then owner Peter Pocklington still haunt Oiler fans to this day. Shortly after the trade, Oilers fans burned Pocklington in effigy outside Northlands Coliseum. Pocklington’s public image in Edmonton and all of Canada was never restored.

That moment changed the face of hockey for a generation. A player drafted into the ranks as a highly touted prospect who lived to become one of the greatest to ever play the game. Canadian hockey fans were about to see a legend put on the jersey of an American franchise.

Today, We saw what I can only picture of that sad day in ’88. Only this time the sport and transaction were different. Peyton Manning, future Hall of Fame quarterback, was released by the Indianapolis Colts.

Before the Peyton Manning era in Indianapolis, the Colts were a terrible team in a new city. With a 1-15 record in 1997 the Colts won the right to draft the best college prospect the NFL had ever seen. He lived up to the hype. Only one losing season from 1998-2010, 4 league MVP’s, 1 Superbowl title, countless passing records and, oh yeah, 227 consecutive starts. Manning built a football giant in Indianapolis. Actually, it was Peyton who was the giant all on his own. With Peyton on the IR for the 2011 NFL season the Colts returned to their fabled 1-15 record and again won the right to draft the best college prospect since Peyton, quarterback Andrew Luck from Stanford University.

So, the day before the Colts were set to owe Manning $28 million dollars, owner Jim Irsay decided to cut ties with the most beloved man in Indianapolis. Much like Pocklington, Irsay sat on national television, next to the man he owes so very much, to announce the news of his departure. A teary eyed Manning insisted to his fans that he will “always be a Colt”. Both parties reasoned with the sports world insisting that it wasn’t a decision about money.

At the end of the day, it’s always about the money.

Sitting there, watching the press conference, all I could think about was how much I was reminded of watching the highlights of August 9th., 1988. This is my generations version of “The Trade” perhaps. Whether Manning lands in New York, Miami, or Kansas City it sure will be odd to see #18 in another sweater.

It’s hard to say who will be the winner in this version of the sports divorce, I just hope Jim Irsay understands how lucky he was that Peyton was the top prospect in ’98 and not Ryan Leaf.

C. DuBreuil