Report: Chiefs are first to offer Manning deal

Radio Host Brandon Spano is reporting that the Kansas City Chiefs are the first and only team to have laid a contract on the table for Peyton Manning.

A franchise quarterback is something that his been missing in Kansas City for a long time. Last season, the Chiefs lost many key pieces to injury but still managed to contend for an AFC West title. With a solid receiving corps and several versatile players in the backfield, Peyton Manning could be the missing piece GM Scott Pioli has been looking for. He has built a young playmaking defence who, when healthy, could force plenty of turnovers to put the ball in #18’s hands.

Pioli learned the importance of a franchise quarterback while in New England with Bill Belichick. Though the two remain good friends, I highly doubt Bill would be willing to part with Tom Brady. Solution? Sign the only man worthy of being mentioned in the same category as Brady. Peyton Manning.

History has a way of repeating itself so perhaps, like Joe Montana, we may see another QB legend finish his carrier as a Chief.



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