Gregg Williams Audio vs 49er’s in 2011 Playoffs

Here we are folks. The moment we have all been waiting for, some actual evidence of Gregg Williams instructing his players to hurt their opponents. The audio file recorded by filmmaker Sean Pamphilon captures Williams instructing his players, in a very colourful manner, to “kill Frank Gore’s head” among many other players on the team. I’ve been in the dressing room for some pretty fiery coaches speeches in my day and have been instructed to hit harder and play faster but never has a coach said to me “He becomes human when we [expletive] take out that outside ACL”.

If this is the evidence that the NFL was working with during their investigation, it would be safe to say that Williams indefinite suspension is just a cute way of saying Lifetime Suspension.


Please listen to this audio file.




NFL’s New Uniforms

Was reading a blog by Mike Reiss for ESPN Boston and found his link to the NFL’s new uniforms by Nike. Some cool new stuff being put on the table by Nike, who have become famous for jerseys like the Oregon Ducks. Definitely worth a look and check out how cool the gloves are!


Here’s a really good article written by Jay Caspian Kang for Grantland about Jeremy Lin.

Lin is possibly the most polarizing figure in sports this season. With him potentially on the shelf for the rest of the season it will create a very interesting scenario in which teams must decide to take a risk on asia’s version of Tebowmania based only on 35 games of NBA experience. Enjoy the read.