Donald Driver to Retire

One of the All-time great players in the history of the NFL’s most storied franchise has decided to “put the cleats on the shelf”. Donald Driver told ESPN’s Mike Greenberg on Mike and Mike this morning that after 14 great seasons he will announce his retirement on Feb. 6th. 

Driver ranks first in Packers history in Receptions (743) and Receiving yards (10,137) and third in Touchdowns Receptions (61). After being drafted in the 7th rd of the 1999 draft he went on to play 205 career games, 2nd to only Brett Favre. 

In very unique fashion Driver also told Mike Greenberg that on Feb 6th he plans to open up his retirement to the fans. After playing for so long with one franchise Driver intends to repay the love his fans have shown him for 14 years. Driver said “i wanna give them everything they deserve.” on ESPN radio this morning. 

A great player and great person and I definitely plan on tuning into his retirement press conference on the 6th. 




Steroids Roundup!

Here’s two links that are worth a solid read through. Both are based on reports so obviously read them as simply reports and not solid truths. The first is from and suggests that Ray Lewis took PED’s to return so quickly from his torn triceps.


The second is from the Miami News Times and is a much more widespread report. Names are named across professional sports and even tries to implicate a strength and conditioning coach.


Enjoy these reports.


P.K. is Back!

P.K. is Back!

This is a story i’ve been waiting to see on my news feed for quite some time now and easily made my day with this one. Restricted free agent P.K. Subban has officially agreed to a 2 year contract with the Montreal Canadiens. The Habs and Subban have been at a stand still since the lockout ended and with a slight offer increase from the Canadiens, Subban signed this afternoon. He hasn’t really been missed to this point yet on the ice but as this short season progresses and injuries mount the Canadiens will soon need their number 1 defensemen from last season. 

Thank god P.K. is BACK!!!!!!!


Sink your teeth into this Raptors fans

Sink your teeth into this Raptors fans

Rumours are simply rumours and should always be taken with a grain of salt but as a Raptors fan this has me daydreaming of the playoffs. With room to improve across the board the Raptors should, and are, looking to move Jose Calderon as they currently sit with 2 good point guards (when both are healthy) on their roster. I’ve been a long time fan of Jose and think that with the right people around him he would have had a much better stay in Toronto. Even Magic Johnson would have had a rough time playing with the mismash of D League Caliber players and a #1 pick who is too busy pushing pasta to hit the gym. Jose Calderon is a great facilitator but when Kyle Lowry has been healthy he has proven to be the number 1 guy in Toronto making Jose quite expendable.  Ed Davis, the other player rumoured in this deal, would also be a tough young player to see go but I currently believe that if the Raptors want to move up from 11th place in the East they will need to add more scoring and rebounding, two categories in which Gay excels. The Raptors have competed well this season and if not for the fact that they thought NBA games lasted only 40 minutes in the first half of the season their record could be much better. With the right additions heading into the trade deadline they might just have a chance at the playoffs.

Thanks to Marc Stein of for some great insight.


Deadline to decide on 10 rookies approaching quickly

Deadline to decide on 10 rookies approaching quickly

Great list compiled for by Adam Kimelman of the top 10 rookies who have chances of staying with their NHL clubs past their 5 game exemption period. The Minnesota Wild made their decision sunday afternoon on D Matthew Dumba and sent him to to Red Deer. As a Habs fan I have been paying particularly close attention to the Alex Galchenyuk situation and with a recent injury suffered by Max Pacioretty I think Habs GM Marc Bergevin would be smart to keep Galchenyuk around for the shortened season.

Enjoy the read.


Feeling Nostalgic

With only two teams remaining in the battle for the NFL’s most coveted prize many franchises have already turned their attention to their offseason goals. New GM’s and Coaches are settling in  and assessing all the assets they would like to retain from the prior regime. For all but a few players on teams entering a new era of management life will become a guessing game as to whether or not you are on the chopping block.

Newly appointed New York Jets GM John Idzik will be promptly handed one of the most polarizing issues of the 2013 offseason. For everyone who thought I was referencing Tim Tebow, I ask you to quickly navigate away from my blog because no one should care where the most expensive punt protector in the league goes. I’m am referring to star Cornerback and Island owner Darrelle Revis. Revis is entering the final year of his contract and is in complete control of his own future. The Jets hands are tied by a clause in Revis’ contract that does not allow him to be Franchised tagged next season. After next season, Idzik would either have to give Revis the exact contract he is looking for or watch his best player walk away with no return for his investment. Last week CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Confora reported on that Jets owner Woody Johnson was set to explore the trade market for 27 year old who is rehabbing from ACL surgery.

Flashback to the 2004 offseason when two rising stars in the NFL were swapped in a deal that has rarely been seen in the free agency era. Elite Cornerback and future Hall of Famer Champ Bailey was traded, along with a 2004 second-round draft pick, from the Washington Redskins to the Denver Broncos for talented running back Clinton Portis. Both teams received players that were set to be the face of their franchises for years to come. A rare trade in which, it can be argued, that the teams benefited equally from the deal.

Back to 2013. John Idzik has the ability to move a player who may demand the same return that Champ Bailey got in 2004. The Jets are hurting for talent on the offensive side of the ball and the player who owns Revis Island might garner the sort of return that can turn a teams fortunes around. The Jets had a bad year in general but one bright spot that could be found was the play of CB Antonio Cromartie in Revis’ absence. Now I’m not arguing that Cromartie playing good football makes the best cornerback in the league expendable but John Idzik has inherited a situation in which he has solid top talent but is lacking depth throughout his team. Moving a player like Revis will command some sort of return and with the need of upgrading at almost everyone position on offence, including Quarterback, it may be in Idzik’s best interest to trade away his best asset.

Two college students vomit during Rush intermission

Two college students vomit during Rush intermission

Funny story coming out of Rapid City, South Dakota this week about an intermission event gone horribly wrong. Whenever something like this happens I always like to take a moment to wonder who the person was that came up with such an idea, then I lament that person losing their job because two american college kids couldn’t hold down 4 glasses of flavoured water. I’ll drink a nice canadian beer in honour of their loss (and maybe a few more).

enjoy the read.