Sink your teeth into this Raptors fans

Sink your teeth into this Raptors fans

Rumours are simply rumours and should always be taken with a grain of salt but as a Raptors fan this has me daydreaming of the playoffs. With room to improve across the board the Raptors should, and are, looking to move Jose Calderon as they currently sit with 2 good point guards (when both are healthy) on their roster. I’ve been a long time fan of Jose and think that with the right people around him he would have had a much better stay in Toronto. Even Magic Johnson would have had a rough time playing with the mismash of D League Caliber players and a #1 pick who is too busy pushing pasta to hit the gym. Jose Calderon is a great facilitator but when Kyle Lowry has been healthy he has proven to be the number 1 guy in Toronto making Jose quite expendable.  Ed Davis, the other player rumoured in this deal, would also be a tough young player to see go but I currently believe that if the Raptors want to move up from 11th place in the East they will need to add more scoring and rebounding, two categories in which Gay excels. The Raptors have competed well this season and if not for the fact that they thought NBA games lasted only 40 minutes in the first half of the season their record could be much better. With the right additions heading into the trade deadline they might just have a chance at the playoffs.

Thanks to Marc Stein of for some great insight.



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