Towson Axes two Men’s Teams in Gutless Fashion

Towson Axes two Men’s Teams in Gutless Fashion

Stumble across this story this morning (click title above) and couldn’t believe what I was reading. I’ve been heavily involved in University athletics for the past 7 years now and full well understand that it is a shifting landscape of popularity and relevance. Towson University is perfectly within their rights to terminate an athletic program for whatever reason they so choose and for that they should not be criticized. However, University president Maravene Loeschke should be fired for the way she has treated the teams players and staff. It must suck for Towson to be represented and run by someone who believes that armed police officers are needed when addressing students she’s disappointed, or that three quick minutes is enough to offer students whose collegiate sporting dreams were just crushed. Oh and of course “No questions, please”. A University president should have had more to offer these students and given them ample time to have their questions and concerns answered. Loeschke actions have truly proven to be an embarrassment to herself and to her own University. 

If this article by Keith Mills goes viral, I imagine Towson’s enrolment might drop for next September. Please give this one a read.




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