Rich Ray

The Pittsburgh Penguins entered this season with a host of talent in their system that any NHL GM would kill for. Ray Shero has worked tirelessly for the past 6 years to build a team worthy of having Sydney Crosby as its franchise player. Since joining the Pens in 2006 he has made plenty of decisions that have led to the Penguins being one of the leagues elite franchises. 

Shero made trades early in his tenure that shaped the Penguins 2009 Stanley Cup winning roster. Since then he has made deals to move key parts of that team (Jordan Staal, Alex Goligoski) and brought in players that he believes will help sustain their dominance (James Neal, Matt Niskanen, Brandon Sutter). He’s paid the players that he feels deserve to stay in Pittsburgh, like Sydney Crosby (and his 12 year $104.4 million contract), James Neal, Paul Martin and Tyler Kennedy. Now his Pens are in first place in the Eastern Conference and cruising along a 12 game winning streak and he hasn’t once pretended to be satisfied.

This week, Shero dealt a good prospect and former 1st rd pick Joe Morrow for the Captain of the Dallas Stars, Brendan Morrow. I mean come on this is getting ridiculous the best team in the league just added a great professional and leader who has played with Crosby and Fleury for Canada for a NON-ROSTER PLAYER. Before I could even recover from my head exploding, Shero sent two 2nd RD picks to San Jose for Douglas Murray. Stop it Ray. This is just getting embarrassing. He is about as sure a lock for GM of the Year as Crosby is for the Hart Trophy.

As a Habs fan I’m kinda feeling like UFC Fighter Nick Diaz between the 3rd and 4th rounds of his fight with Georges St. Pierre. We’re doing really good and hanging in there but I still feel like this guy has something else up his sleeve that has long made him the best in the business. And then this:

Oh sure Ray, add Jerome Iginla and make it 3 rock solid hockey players and seasoned Olympians in 1 week. Pretty soon the NHL’s Eastern Conference race might start to resemble that of the NBA’s Eastern Conference.

Here’s to hoping my Habs have a better shot than the Indiana Pacers.




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