Quick Hits

1) Bullshit alert. I’ve tried to justify it as many ways as possibly but regardless I still can’t believe NBA commisioner David Stern isn’t punishing the Miami Heat for sitting Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Mario Chalmers  on Sunday at San Antonio. Early this season San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich sent home Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu GinobIli and Danny Green before their only game in Miami this season. Stern fined the Spurs $250,000 for the move but has yet to chastise the Heat in anyway. Seems pretty odd to me.

2) Had to work on sunday, so I missed Kevin Ware’s gruesome leg injury that is being described to me on Joe Theisman levels (I refuse to watch anything Joe Theisman-esque). Tough to see a guy go down like that at any time, let alone in the Elite 8. Was impressed to hear that even though he was down and out he told his teammates “don’t worry about me, go out and win this thing.” Hope he has a speedy recovery. 

3)The Pittsburgh Penguins have inserted an unreal amount of talent into their lineup but it took a huge blow over the weekend. As we saw during his concussion rehab, losing Sydney Crosby doesn’t leave the Pens in terrible shape but they will for sure feel the loss. They will be able to sustain the offensive production with a whole host of offensive weapons. Where Crosby will be missed most is in the face-off circle and the defensive zone. It will take a team effort to replace Syd in those areas.

4) I think the Northeast division has been one of the strongest in the NHL so far this season. The Boston Bruins dominance as of late has found a formidable foe in the Montreal Canadiens. Stiff competition has also been provided by the Toronto Maple Leafs with their rough play and newly found offensive prowess. The Ottawa Senators have masterfully navigated an insane amount of injuries and currently sit 3rd in the division. As it stands right now Montreal (51pts) is in first followed by Boston (48), Ottawa (44), Toronto (44) and lowly Buffalo (32) in last. The top four teams all currently occupy playoff spots and will all be a tough matchup for any team in a 7-game series.

5)The NHL trade deadline always brings about an insane amount of speculation so why shouldn’t I join in on the fun. I think the Vancouver Canucks end up holding on to both Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider. Though i don’t know what GM Mike Gillis is thinking I can’t imagine either goaltender has shown him that he is the franchise net minder. If the Canucks look to make a playoff push he is going to need one or the other to start playing better.

6) I think if Ryan Clowe gets dealt today that focus will quickly shift to Buffalo Sabres captain and winger Jason Pominville. Very good player and would be a great locker room presence anywhere in the NHL.

7) Great time of year for NFL speculation as well. Expect a mock draft from Halifax Sports Talk Soon!




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