Connor vs The Odds #1: Midweek

Here’s the scoop. I’ve decided to finally put myself at risk to become addicted to gambling and keep it very well documented.

The Plan: Bet 2 tickets a week. 3 games on $5 per ticket. Just win baby.

This isn’t so much about winning a bunch of money and becoming Floyd Mayweather, but who doesn’t love money. This is my version of a fun little challenge. Check the odds, bet the games, explain my logic and watch my giant vault fill with enough gold coins to make it a swimming pool. Soon enough me, Scrooge McDuck and Floyd will be best buds.

I’ve started betting on Pro-Line for the convenience and will be looking into a few betting sites in the near future. Tonight I bet on Moneyline which is Pro-Lines odds vs their rules. Baseball wins are by 2 runs and basketball wins are by 6 pts. Hockey games won in regulation or overtime are considered wins. So here we go. Picks in bold.

The Mid Week Bet: 

NBA: San Antonio Spurs (3.5)  (T2.6) @ Denver Nuggets (2.05)

Thoughts: Battle of 2 teams looking to solidify their playoff foothold. Neither team is even thinking of missing the playoffs but both have teams chasing them up the standings. I went with Denver on this one because they are a team looking to prove a point and no better team to do that against than an NBA giant like the Spurs. The Nuggets lost Danilo Gallinari this week but that has only made them a more athletic team with Eric Brewer and Andre Igoudala getting more minutes. The Spurs are a great team but can sometimes struggle with aggresive, athletic teams like the Nuggets.

NHL: Phoenix Coyotes (2.2) (T6.6) @ Edmonton Oilers (1.9)


Thoughts: The Chase for 8th in the Western Conference is heating up and I expect the Oilers make a strong late season push. Looking to sweep the season series vs the Coyotes tonight hopefully gives the Oilers the fight they need to pull this one out. This could be one of the better games of the night with Edmonton’s recently hot offence matching up against Phoenix’s tough D and solid goaltending. Look for Taylor Hall to continue his stellar play tonight.

Toronto Maple Leafs (2.65) (T6.35) @ New York Rangers (1.65)

Thoughts: Gonna admit I hate betting on a John Tortorella team. I think he’s lost the locker room in New York but they are a veteran team and understand how to make a playoff push. I think the moves they made at the deadline have made them a tougher team and much harder to play against. The Rangers look to rebound from a bad loss to the Leafs on Monday and if they want any shot of holding onto the 8th spot in the East they can’t drop 2 in a row. The Leafs aren’t as good of a team without Joffery Lupol and will miss him terribly if his “undisclosed” injury turns out to be serious; like James Reimer’s “undisclosed” injury last season. Look for Rick Nash to propel his team in this one, its been awhile since he’s seen the playoffs and he would hate to let this chance slip away.

Total Odds: 6.43 x $5 = $32.15 with all 3 games correct.

Ok so I won’t be joining McDuck and Mayweather at this rate but you gotta start somewhere. Wish me luck!!





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