Connor vs the Odds: Debrief

Ok so not my best showing.

I ended up only getting one of my picks right last night, Denver  beat San Antonio by 10. I missed on my 2 Hockey picks but that figures so far in this whirlwind season.

Debrief: Picks in bold

NBA: San Antonio Spurs 86 @ Denver Nuggets 96 

Denver showed last night that they are a team to be feared come playoff time. They looked athletic and confidant on their home court and extended their winning streak there to 21 games. It is tough to think of a team that would benefit more from home court advantage in the playoffs than the Nuggets. Winners of their last 5 makes me want to think about betting them a bit more often. San Antonio is now tied with Oklahoma city atop the Western conference and are 5-5 in their last 10 games.

NHL: Phoenix Coyotes 3 @ Edmonton Oilers 1

Man, oh man did the Oilers ever look rough in this one. The biggest thing I notice when I watch Oiler games is that they have a ton of fire power on offence but  never have the puck. The Coyotes forecheck made Edmonton’s terrible defence struggle to move the puck out of the zone. The Oilers aren’t mathematically eliminated from the playoffs but really can’t afford any more performances like last night if they hope to sneak into 8th. Phoenix now sits only 1 pt behind Detroit for that last playoff spot.

Toronto Maple Leafs 2 @ New York Rangers 3 (Shootout)

Ah the worst kind of loss, call the right team but not the right bet. This was a weird game to watch. Both teams had moments of complete control then would fall into a lull and get dominated by the other team. At one point the Leafs couldn’t muster a shot on goal for almost 25 minutes and then turned right around and scored the goal to tie the game at 2 and force overtime. Last night was the first time I really got to watch the Rangers new lineup and I was quite impressed. They look tougher and with Henrik Lundqvist playing like well, Henrik Lundqvist, the Rangers are going to be a challenge for any team if they can hold onto the 8th spot in the Eastern conference.

Hopefully my weekend fairs better! Look for a Saturday ticket with a bunch of good hockey games and a few interesting basketball games to check out.





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