C vs the Odds #2: Weekend

I feel like this is the point in the season where pundits begin to point out that I have yet to win a ticket. True, but here comes the momentum baby! Earlier this week I made the massive mistake of betting on the Blue Jays. I was chatting with some friends and we felt things were turning around for the Jays and then J.A. Happ gets rocked and Toronto loses 7-0. Ruined my night and my ticket. Here we go again tonight and I swear this time I made no bets with my heart.

The Bet: NBA Los Angeles Lakers (6.6) (T 3.4) @ San Antonio Spurs (1.45)

Last Sunday the Lakers played their first game after seeing star player Kobe Bryant sidelined for 6-9 months. At that point it looked like the Lakers season was doomed and we wouldn’t be seeing the purple and gold in the post season. The Lakers revamped their offence and now focus on the two towers, Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol, to run their offence and in the end they beat the Spurs by 5 in a crucial game in their late season playoff push. I don’t expect L.A. to play that sort of game this afternoon but I do expect them to play the Spurs very closely. This may be the least exciting brand of basketball going into the postseason but expect to see a great battle between two veteran squads.

NHL Columbus Blue Jackets (2.75) (T6.5) @ San Jose Sharks (1.60)

So I had a thought recently, imagine if the Columbus Blue Jackets make the playoffs and the New York Rangers didn’t. Rick Nash would be the saddest man on the planet. I’ve caught a few Columbus games lately and it’s a really funny brand of hockey to watch. It doesn’t seem like they do anything extremely well (outside of goaltending but I’ll get to that) but they are a very hard working team and never seem to go away. Oh yeah, and they have the Vezina Trophy frontrunner Sergei Bobrovsky carrying them into the playoffs. So far this season the Jackets have beaten the Sharks by a combined 10-2 in 2 games and I’m willing to put my money on that trend continuing.

New Jersey Devils (1.25) @ New York Rangers (2.10) HS -1.5

For reasons stated above, I really wanted to be against the Rangers here, but they look like a team to be reckoned with late in the season and heading to the postseason (which they will make). Jersey on the other hand has been a disappointment rebounding from last years Stanley Cup Finals loss and are now suffering from “too little too late” syndrome and won’t have the stuff to handle a motivated Rangers squad today. I can’t wait to watch this one though, two teams who really don’t like each other, whose coaches hate one another, and are historic rivals, sounds like a great Sunday afternoon to me. Rangers by 2 goals.

St. Louis Blues (1.65) (T6.35) @ Colorado Avalanche (2.65)

A really good team vs. a really bad team, seems like a no-brainer to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good underdog, over achiever, Hollywood-esque story line but this one is the complete opposite. Sometimes, bad teams love to play spoiler at this time of year but the Avalanche are just praying for the season to be over. A very rocky road has led the Avalanche to second last place in the entire NHL, meanwhile the Blues are just getting tuned for the playoffs. Winners of their last 3 and 8 of their last 10 games, St. Louis will be a very tough team come playoff time and don’t expect Colorado to be anything but that same team this evening.

$5 pays $162.oo




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