C Vs. the Odds #3: Midweek

I’ve gone officially crazy. I’ve decided to bet on the Toronto Maple Leafs. For those who know me, I’ll start writing your eulogy as that heart attack you’re having seems pretty severe. For those who don’t know me, you may just think I’ve finally figured how to put my feelings aside and just bet on a game. I’m the biggest Maple Buds hater around. If the Leafs and Bruins are scheduled for a game I’m praying for a rain delay. Let’s call today the “Connor’s lost it! I’m finding a new sports guy” ticket. Enjoy!

The Bet: MLB Pittsburgh Pirates (2.65) (T2.85) @ Philadelphia Phillies (2.20)

Betting on baseball might be the trickiest sport of all. Pitchers and their match ups create many variables and with lineups changing every night its almost impossible to predict. Tonight I’ve decided to take the Pirates to win at Philly. Doc Halladay takes to the mound f0r Philly against a good Pirates team that he has owned recently. Why go with the Pirates then? Doc hasn’t quite been Doc so far this season and the Pirates hitters will be itching to return the favour his way. Wandy Rodriguez starts for the Pirates and he has been phenomenal this season. I don’t expect him to keep up his torrid pace all season long, but the Phillies are struggling and he will take advantage.

NHL Toronto Maple Leafs (1.95) (T6.05) @ Tampa Bay Lightning (2.15)

My first bet for the Maple Leafs… Ever!  I really hope to earn my first winning ticket of the season. Here’s my logic: the Leafs need home ice advantage and need to win their next 3 to have a shot (and hope Montreal continues to plummet from space). The Leafs aren’t a drastically different team away from the Air Canada Centre but if they could play their first playoff game in 9 years at home, they would gain the advantage of having some crazy hockey fans propelling them forward throughout the playoffs. I fear for the Leafs if they have to start a series on the road, go down 2-0 then come back to the ACC for game 3 with fans already counting them out. Tonights game stands as a very important potential W for the Leafs against a Tampa Bay team who is sending their young players back to Syracuse for a Calder Cup run. I expect an unmotivated Lightning team with very few fans to cheer them on in this one. Leafs win big.

Los Angeles Kings (2.25) (T6.05) @ Detroit Red Wings (2.20)

No one wants the Detroit Red Wings in the playoffs. 21 straight seasons is enough. Ok I’d like to see the streak continue but I’m not a Western Conference team that will have to play Detroit. The Wings team has struggled to this point of the season but let me take you back to this time last season when the L.A Kings went 3-0-3 to end their season and just snuck into the playoffs. They were a veteran roster with a hot goalie and they ran all the way to a Stanley Cup win. This year Detroit, who is currently 1 pt out of 8th in the West, will have to play their hearts out to have any shot of doing what the Kings did last season. L.A. is surely on the “no Wings” side and would love to deal them a crushing blow to their bid for 22 straight playoff seasons. Gonna be an awesome game tonight with a great playoff atmosphere inside Joe Louis Arena. Can’t wait to see who comes out on top but I expect L.A. to reign supreme by games end.

$5 pays 53.11



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