C vs the Odds #3: Weekend

Alright so this is bet #6. I’m 0-5. The Jays just offered me a contract. I’m feeling like Semyon Varlamov’s road record (0-14-2). Why do I still have a job?

Alright the self-hating is over and it’s a great day to end the playoff race in the NHL Western Conference. Here’s my thoughts: 3 teams (Minnesota, Detroit, and Columbus) are fighting for the final 2 playoff spots. I’m gonna bet all 3 games correctly. Here we go:

The Bet: NHL Detroit Red Wings (1.85) (T6.15) @ Dallas Stars (2.30)

Oh, Detroit. You never cease to amaze me. Just when I thought they were down and out, the Wings rallied together for 3 straight victories and need to win tonight to secure their 22nd straight playoff bid. Dallas on the other hand has been as bad as expected. Losers of their last 2 ,don’t expect too much of a fight from the Stars tonight going against a Wings team who are playing like one of best teams in the league over the last 3 games. Detroit’s veterans will be huge tonight upfront tonight in securing the win, but I expect a big game from Jimmy Howard, who’s looking for his 21st win of the season.

Minnesota Wild (1.75) (T6.20) @ Colorado Avalanche (2.40)

Minnesota is a team who makes no sense to me. This week they went out and pulled out a beautiful 2-1 victory over the L.A. Kings, but then somehow found a way to lose 6-1 to an Edmonton team who is more concerned with the World Championships than the NHL playoffs. Baffles me how a team can play so inconsistent while chasing one of the last 2 available playoff spots. I went with Colorado here not because I expect them to beat the Wild, but because I expect the Wild to beat themselves. 4-5-1 in their last 10 is a terrible record for a team hoping to make the playoffs. Here’s to hoping the Avalanche don’t head to Las Vegas too soon.

Nashville Predators(3.5) (T6.75) @ Columbus Blue Jackets (1.40)

Here’s the bet that makes the most sense for me. Columbus is hot, Nashville is really, really, cold. A 7-3-0 record in their last 10 has helped the Blue Jackets late season push, but they will need a win some help from either Minnesota or Detroit to make the playoffs. It all starts with a taking care of the lowly Predators at home tonight. Nashville is looking like a team already headed to the golf course and I expect no different tonight.

$5 pays $31.15 I’m so confident I might even put down a little extra 😉



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