C vs the Odds #6 Weekend

Amazing day of sports lined up today. Unlimited soccer this morning followed by some afternoon and evening playoff hockey. Western conference NBA finals start today, as well as the Halifax Mooseheads playing the Saskatoon Blades in game 3 of the Memorial Cup. Today, like every other day, I will have no life. Couldn’t narrow my picks down to 3 today, so I went with 4. Lowers my odds, but tickets I bet seem to have 0% chance anyway.

The Bet: MLB Toronto Blue Jays (2.80) (T2.85) @ New York Yankees (2.10)

I tend to bet baseball games heavily depending on who is taking the mound for each side. Today, I knew I was betting on the Yankees before I even checked the pitching matchup and got lucky in that respect. C.C. Sabathia (4-3, 3.19 ERA) is up against R.A. Dickey (3-5, 4.83 ERA) in a fantastic battle of the abbreviated given names.I like C.C. to outperform R.A., which adds to my reasons to bet this game. The Yankees have dominated the Blue Jays at home so far this season, they are 15-9 at home this season and have won 9 straight home games vs the Jays. The Jays will have to be lights out to beat the Yankees today, but I don’t expect that from a team who seems to be terrified to play in New York.

NHL New York Rangers (1.90) @ Boston Bruins (1.65)

Flashback to last series. Game 2 in Boston, the Bruins played maybe their worst game of the series and lost 4-2 to Toronto. This series vs the Rangers I’m expecting the same sort of letdown we saw last series for the Bruins. Boston strikes me as a team that can play as dominant a brand of hockey they want, but for them that is a problem. They seem to think they can turn their dominance on and off whenever they want. They did that in game 7 vs. Toronto, but it doesn’t always happen as they plan it. They quite often play an arrogant version of hockey where they seem to think “we’re going to win the series and this particular game doesn’t matter”. Rangers take advantage of the arrogant Bruins like they almost did last game. The series will be tied 1-1 heading to New York.

Pittsburgh Penguins (1.60) vs Ottawa Senators (1.95)

Jason Spezza returns to lineup just in time to watch Sydney Crosby retake his “greatest ever” form and run away with yet another playoff series against the Senators. Remember a few years ago when Syd toyed with Spezza below the goaline for 30 seconds before setting up a teammate for a beautiful goal? I feel like that play would be the perfect representation of this series. Sure the Senators get to play along with Syd and the Cool Kids, but only if they understand that the Penguins are eventually gonna make the play that ends the game. Penguins win and take the 3-0 stranglehold on the series.

NBA Memphis Grizzlies (4.00) (T2.70) vs San Antonio Spurs( 1.90)

Defence, defence, defence. Even in the high scoring NBA, you won’t get anywhere without playing solid defensively. The 2 best defensive teams win the Western Conference square off tonight in what will be a very hard fought series. The scores will be like bad college games. I’m actually picking Memphis to upset San Antonio in game 1 tonight, but only by a few points. Both teams will struggle earlier offensively as they figure out how to attack one another’s stifling defences. Game 1 is settled by less than 6 points.

$5 pays $88.82


C vs the Odds #6 Midweek

The Bet: MLB Detroit Tigers (2.60) (T2.85) @ Texas Rangers (2.25)

Two very good baseball teams each sending their best pitcher to the mound, is an MLB game I can get behind.  Even with NHL and NBA playoffs every night. Yu Darvish (6-1, 2.73 ERA) gets the start for the home side, while Justin Verlander (4-3, 1.93 ERA) takes to the mound for the visiting Tigers. Texas comes in the hotter team (7-3 in their last 10) and look to add to their wonderful 11-4 record at home, but will be in tough against a good Tigers team with a great pitching staff. Detroit has been average on the road (9-9 away record) so I expect Texas to win, but only by a run tonight.

NBA Indiana Pacers (4.00) (T2.70) @ New York Knicks (1.90)

Defence is the new fad sweeping the NBA. The league that has long been criticized for its lack of defensive intensity has taken a full swing towards stopping instead of scoring. That’s why the Indian Pacers, like the Memphis Grizzlies last night, will eliminate their higher ranked opponent in the 5th game of the series. Memphis stymied Oklahoma City last night and I expect  the equally stingy Pacers to do the same tonight. Don’t expect the Knicks to roll over and die, but I still believe Indiana wins by more than 6 pts.

NHL San Jose Sharks (2.10) @ Los Angeles Kings (1.50)

You gotta be tough and gritty to beat the L.A. Kings. Raffi Torres accounts for most the the Sharks grit and toughness. He’s their “fuck you” guy. He’s the guy who’s most likely to challenge any King physically. He’s suspended for the rest of the series. I’m not trying to say that Raffi Torres is the only hope the Sharks had of beating the Kings, they had no hope anyway. The Kings have created a very quick brand of hockey for giants. Their roster is massive yet surprisingly athletic group of individuals who love playoff hockey. Like my good friend Brad always says “Dustin Penner ain’t worth shit until the playoffs”. This is a team that tries harder in the second season and are potentially the most dangerous team in the NHL. That’s right Chicago, I said it. Kings win.

$5 pays $85.50


Sens v Pens Game 1

Mid way through the 3rd period, with the Penguins winning a close 3-1, Senators defensemen Erik Karlsson masterfully embellished an interference call on Penguins forward James Neal. With time 10 minutes remaining in a period in which they were dominating, the Senators had a chance to make it a 1 goal game and swing the momentum fully in their favour. The “Hockey Gods” would not have it that way, though. As punishment for his dive, Karlsson had to watch Pascale Dupius race down the ice 2 on 1 and roof it over Craig Anderson’s right shoulder. Karlsson made a bad pinch at the end of long shift and it led to the Penguins 4th goal, only the 3rd time Anderson has allowed 4 goals all season. 

The 4-1 victory for the Penguins was much closer than the scoreboard dictates. The Senators outshot the Penguins 36 to 30, but that made no difference to Thomas Vokoun, who gets only his 5th career playoff win and 2nd shutout. For the first time in the 2013 playoffs Craig Anderson was outplayed by his goaltending counterpart. Vokoun was phenomenal tonight and, barring any giant collapses, looks to be the unquestioned starter for the Pens heading forward.

Specialty teams will undoubtedly be the story of this one. The Senators failed to score on all 5 of their power plays despite generating several good chances to beat Vokoun. The Penguins on the other hand made up for their undisciplined 5 on 5 play by going 2 of 3 on their power play chances.

Game 1 will more than likely prove to be the least exciting game in this series as both teams didn’t show much emotion until the 3rd period. The scrums got much more intense as the game went on, but like most playoff scrums they amounted to nothing.

The Senators shouldn’t be disappointed in their Game 1 performance against the Eastern Conference #1 seed. It seemed like a game that could have gone either way and decided to bounce in the home teams direction. Despite their victory, I’m sure Pittsburgh will join Ottawa in the search to improve their game heading into Game 2, which is slated for friday night. Discipline and special teams work will be hot topics for both head coaches as they have an extra days rest before the next contest. 

The series stars will have to be better heading forward as Sydney Crosby and Erik Karlsson both had very subpar games. I expect this series to get very exciting as the hatred between these teams builds.



C vs the Odds #5: Weekend

I finally won a ticket! The worst part is that I didn’t even write about it online….ahhh scratch that there’s not downside to winning money! I bet on earlier this week on Houston Dynamo over D.C. United, Golden State over San Antonio and Steph Curry to outscore Tony Parker. Not a bad win $5 paid me $117. Anyway onto todays ticket I’m betting all hockey on this one because I think today is the end of the first round of the Playoffs. Here we go.

The Bet: Washington Capitals (2.05) @ New York Rangers (1.55)

Washington will close this one out tonight. I can’t really explain my logic completly here as the home team has dominated this series so far, but I think the Capitals have been the better team and will take their chance to eliminate the Rangers tonight. Just like every other game he plays in, Alexander Ovechkin will have to be the best 200 ft player on the ice tonight. When Ovechkin is engaged defensively his games soars to the level everyone expects him to be at. If he is on tonight the Caps win a close one.

Boston Bruins (1.60) @ Toronto Maple Leafs (2.00)

Veteran teams, like the Bruins, know that the NHL Playoffs is all about how you rebound from losses. The inexperienced Leafs showed that exact same knowhow on Friday night beating the Bruins after their game 4 loss at home. The Bruins, on the road, look to ruin the party that has spawned from the Leafs making the playoffs for the first time in 9 years. A first round knockout would come as expected for the Leafs, but I doubt they will roll over and die in this one, I just can’t wait to see April Reimers eye roll after an elimiation game loss. The Bruins will need Brad Marchand and Tyler Seguin to play better tonight if they hope to avoid a game 7 at home in Boston.

Detroit Red Wings (2.05) @ Anaheim Ducks (1.55)

Game 7 folks, the first one of these playoffs, have to be the best thing going. Nothing gets fans fired up like the potential chance to relish in victory over the losers who are headed to the golf course. Sadly, for Anaheim fans, I think the home crowd won’t get a chance to applaud their victors, but instead wallow in the filth over their hockey arena snacks they’ve discarded around themselves. Tonight the Red Wings will prove to be the better team in this round one game 7. This has been a great series and I hate to see it end, but that just brings on ROUND 2!!!! God damn, I love playoff hockey.

$5 pays $33.53


C vs the Odds #5: Midweek

That’s it i’m done with hockey…until the weekend. Today I decided to stay away from the NHL Playoffs and instead turn my attention to Major League Soccer. WIth Chelsea and Tottenham playing this afternoon I’m feeling in the football betting mood, only problem is that I can’t decide who to bet on in that game. I’ve decided to place my cards in the MLS, a league I know very little about. With several seconds of research completed, I now feel like the outright authority on all things MLS, but thats probably because no one else cares. So here’s my soccer or football or whatever gamble mixed in, hopefully, with a few close games.

The Bet: MLS Houston Dynamo (2.5) (T2.9) @ D.C. United (2.4)

Here’s the scoop; Houston is one of the better teams in the league. D.C. is the worst team in the league. End of story.

Ok, so maybe it’s not that simple, but Houston is a team playing well ,going 2-2-0 in their last 4 games against quality competition. D.C., on the other hand, have not won since March 9th. Since then they have 5 losses and 1 draw. I’m putting my money on Houston’s class to shine through tonight.

MLB Detroit Tigers (2.45) (T2.5) @ Washington Nationals (2.7)

This is going to be a great pitching matchup tonight. Anibal Sanchez (3-2, 1.82 ERA) looks to lead Detroit to their 5th straight victory after a clean sweep of the Houston Astros last week. Standing in their way tonight will be red hot Jordan Zimmerman (5-1, 1.64 ERA). I’m not really sure who is going to win this game to be honest, both teams are playing great and know this is a series to test themselves against the best the MLB has to offer. I’m excited to see the strikeout numbers at the end of this game as I expect Sanchez and Zimmerman to be dialed in. 1 run ball game and I’m gonna guess Detroit squeezes it out.

NBA Golden State Warriors (5.85) (T3.2) @ San Antionio Spurs (1.55)

Game 1 of this series has to be the best basketball game so far in the 2013 NBA playoffs. Double overtime in a game in which San Antonio fought back at home to force OT then watched Many Ginobili ice it with a beautiful 3-pointer late. These players are probably exhausted from their game 1 marathon but will be ready to go tonight in game 2 which sets up to be another thriller. San Antonio reminded everyone of how good they can be down the stretch, but that came after the Golden Steph Curriers showed that they weren’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with these NBA veterans. I hope this is an exciting and close game, can’t wait to stay up until 2am again to catch the end. If your looking for a good side bet, I would suggest taking Steph Curry to win a player points battle. He’s been phenomenal so far this post-season.

$5 Pays $100


C vs the Odds #4: Weekend

The best time of year to be a sports fan, I can’t say that enough. I feel so spoiled I could care less that I can’t win a bet to save my life. I’m gonna try and rebound like the Toronto Maple Leafs today but it will probably end up looking like a Blue Jays rebound instead. Here we go again, folks.

The Bet: MLB Boston Red Sox (2.85) (T2.85) @ Texas Rangers (2.10)

Yu Darvish (5-1, 2.09 ERA) vs John Lester (4-0, 3.03 ERA) sets the stage for a beautiful pitchers duel this afternoon and I highly doubt Lester and Darvish will disappoint. These guys have been very good early in 2013 and look to continue their winning ways in game 3 of this 3 games series in which Texas leads 2-0. I think Boston wins this one but only by a run today. These guys are too good to let the score get out of hand.

Montreal Canadians (2.05) @ Ottawa Senators (1.55)

This has been easily the best series to watch so far. I’m a Habs fan so thats a predictable answer, but this has had everything you can ask for; good goaltending, lots of shots, physical play and, of course, tons of sound bites for the media. The Canadiens have been the better team through 2 games but are tied 1-1 heading to Ottawa tonight because Craig Anderson has been insanely good. 48 stops would have been nice for both games but Anderson did that in game 1. The guy is in the zone and is the best goalie in these playoffs. Both teams will be ready for battle , but I’m calling Montreal squeaking one out late in the 3rd or OT.

Chicago Blackhawks (1.45) @ Minnesota Wild (2.20)

The best team in hockey has been great so far in these playoffs. The scary thing for me is that Chicago is a good team who knows how to play in the close ones. 1 or 2 goal games seem to be their bread and butter at this point and that is frightening. Many good teams are used to playing with big leads and don’t know what to do when challenged late in the contest. The Blackhawks are better down the stretch. The tighter the game the better they get. Hawks win to go up 3-0 in the series.

$5 pats 42.15


C vs the Odds #4: Midweek

The NHL playoffs are gonna bring me some luck. I can feel it. Betting on 3 games tonight; 1 MLB and 2 NHL playoff games. Montreal and Ottawa will be the first two Canadian teams to face each other in the playoffs since 2004, I can’t wait. Kids on christmas eve get as excited as me before an all-Canadian NHL playoff showdown. Let’s have a look at the ticket.

The Bet: MLB Detroit Tigers (1.90) (T2.90) @ Houston Astros (3.20)

This seems like a no brainer to me (its probably gonna go horribly wrong). This is not a pitchers duel by any means, Detroit sends Rick Porcello (1-2, 8.84 ERA) against John Lyles (0-0, 0.00ERA) for the Astros. Porcello’s numbers look terrible, but has really been hurt by one bad outing in which he gave up 9 earned runs in 1 inning. Lyles, on the other hand, is making his debut for the Astros and puts his 7-20 record over 45 starts on the line against a good Tigers team who hasn’t been playing their best ball at all. I expect the Tigers to beat up on the lowly Astros tonight.

NHL Los Angeles Kings (1.90) @ St. Louis Blues (1.65)

Jonathan Quick messed up royally on tuesday night. Whenever Quick has a big blunder, or a bad game, he rebounds viciously. That alone is a great reason to bet on the Kings, but last season in the playoffs they showed they are a very resilient team and great away from the Staples Centre. Game 1 of this series was one that St Louis deserved to win, they played wonderful game against the defending Stanley Cup Champions. This one will go down to the wire for sure but I think L.A. squeezes out a close one.

Ottawa Senators (1.90) @ Montreal Canadiens (1.50)

Montreal is back in the playoffs after a year off earning the right to draft Alex Galchenyuk. This year he joins a Habs squad with a mix of veterans and young players excited at the chance to make a deep playoff push. Standing in their way are the team who refuses to go away. With an insane amount of injuries to overcome this season, the Sens are a team who has been battling adversity  for almost 48 games. They will be ready to return everything Montreal has to throw at them tonight. I expect the Home team to have the advantage all series. Habs win tonight but this series goes to 7.

$5 pays $27.10

God I love playoffs.