C vs the Odds #4: Midweek

The NHL playoffs are gonna bring me some luck. I can feel it. Betting on 3 games tonight; 1 MLB and 2 NHL playoff games. Montreal and Ottawa will be the first two Canadian teams to face each other in the playoffs since 2004, I can’t wait. Kids on christmas eve get as excited as me before an all-Canadian NHL playoff showdown. Let’s have a look at the ticket.

The Bet: MLB Detroit Tigers (1.90) (T2.90) @ Houston Astros (3.20)

This seems like a no brainer to me (its probably gonna go horribly wrong). This is not a pitchers duel by any means, Detroit sends Rick Porcello (1-2, 8.84 ERA) against John Lyles (0-0, 0.00ERA) for the Astros. Porcello’s numbers look terrible, but has really been hurt by one bad outing in which he gave up 9 earned runs in 1 inning. Lyles, on the other hand, is making his debut for the Astros and puts his 7-20 record over 45 starts on the line against a good Tigers team who hasn’t been playing their best ball at all. I expect the Tigers to beat up on the lowly Astros tonight.

NHL Los Angeles Kings (1.90) @ St. Louis Blues (1.65)

Jonathan Quick messed up royally on tuesday night. Whenever Quick has a big blunder, or a bad game, he rebounds viciously. That alone is a great reason to bet on the Kings, but last season in the playoffs they showed they are a very resilient team and great away from the Staples Centre. Game 1 of this series was one that St Louis deserved to win, they played wonderful game against the defending Stanley Cup Champions. This one will go down to the wire for sure but I think L.A. squeezes out a close one.

Ottawa Senators (1.90) @ Montreal Canadiens (1.50)

Montreal is back in the playoffs after a year off earning the right to draft Alex Galchenyuk. This year he joins a Habs squad with a mix of veterans and young players excited at the chance to make a deep playoff push. Standing in their way are the team who refuses to go away. With an insane amount of injuries to overcome this season, the Sens are a team who has been battling adversity  for almost 48 games. They will be ready to return everything Montreal has to throw at them tonight. I expect the Home team to have the advantage all series. Habs win tonight but this series goes to 7.

$5 pays $27.10

God I love playoffs.



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