C vs the Odds #4: Weekend

The best time of year to be a sports fan, I can’t say that enough. I feel so spoiled I could care less that I can’t win a bet to save my life. I’m gonna try and rebound like the Toronto Maple Leafs today but it will probably end up looking like a Blue Jays rebound instead. Here we go again, folks.

The Bet: MLB Boston Red Sox (2.85) (T2.85) @ Texas Rangers (2.10)

Yu Darvish (5-1, 2.09 ERA) vs John Lester (4-0, 3.03 ERA) sets the stage for a beautiful pitchers duel this afternoon and I highly doubt Lester and Darvish will disappoint. These guys have been very good early in 2013 and look to continue their winning ways in game 3 of this 3 games series in which Texas leads 2-0. I think Boston wins this one but only by a run today. These guys are too good to let the score get out of hand.

Montreal Canadians (2.05) @ Ottawa Senators (1.55)

This has been easily the best series to watch so far. I’m a Habs fan so thats a predictable answer, but this has had everything you can ask for; good goaltending, lots of shots, physical play and, of course, tons of sound bites for the media. The Canadiens have been the better team through 2 games but are tied 1-1 heading to Ottawa tonight because Craig Anderson has been insanely good. 48 stops would have been nice for both games but Anderson did that in game 1. The guy is in the zone and is the best goalie in these playoffs. Both teams will be ready for battle , but I’m calling Montreal squeaking one out late in the 3rd or OT.

Chicago Blackhawks (1.45) @ Minnesota Wild (2.20)

The best team in hockey has been great so far in these playoffs. The scary thing for me is that Chicago is a good team who knows how to play in the close ones. 1 or 2 goal games seem to be their bread and butter at this point and that is frightening. Many good teams are used to playing with big leads and don’t know what to do when challenged late in the contest. The Blackhawks are better down the stretch. The tighter the game the better they get. Hawks win to go up 3-0 in the series.

$5 pats 42.15



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