C vs the Odds #5: Weekend

I finally won a ticket! The worst part is that I didn’t even write about it online….ahhh scratch that there’s not downside to winning money! I bet on earlier this week on Houston Dynamo over D.C. United, Golden State over San Antonio and Steph Curry to outscore Tony Parker. Not a bad win $5 paid me $117. Anyway onto todays ticket I’m betting all hockey on this one because I think today is the end of the first round of the Playoffs. Here we go.

The Bet: Washington Capitals (2.05) @ New York Rangers (1.55)

Washington will close this one out tonight. I can’t really explain my logic completly here as the home team has dominated this series so far, but I think the Capitals have been the better team and will take their chance to eliminate the Rangers tonight. Just like every other game he plays in, Alexander Ovechkin will have to be the best 200 ft player on the ice tonight. When Ovechkin is engaged defensively his games soars to the level everyone expects him to be at. If he is on tonight the Caps win a close one.

Boston Bruins (1.60) @ Toronto Maple Leafs (2.00)

Veteran teams, like the Bruins, know that the NHL Playoffs is all about how you rebound from losses. The inexperienced Leafs showed that exact same knowhow on Friday night beating the Bruins after their game 4 loss at home. The Bruins, on the road, look to ruin the party that has spawned from the Leafs making the playoffs for the first time in 9 years. A first round knockout would come as expected for the Leafs, but I doubt they will roll over and die in this one, I just can’t wait to see April Reimers eye roll after an elimiation game loss. The Bruins will need Brad Marchand and Tyler Seguin to play better tonight if they hope to avoid a game 7 at home in Boston.

Detroit Red Wings (2.05) @ Anaheim Ducks (1.55)

Game 7 folks, the first one of these playoffs, have to be the best thing going. Nothing gets fans fired up like the potential chance to relish in victory over the losers who are headed to the golf course. Sadly, for Anaheim fans, I think the home crowd won’t get a chance to applaud their victors, but instead wallow in the filth over their hockey arena snacks they’ve discarded around themselves. Tonight the Red Wings will prove to be the better team in this round one game 7. This has been a great series and I hate to see it end, but that just brings on ROUND 2!!!! God damn, I love playoff hockey.

$5 pays $33.53



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