C vs the Odds #6 Weekend

Amazing day of sports lined up today. Unlimited soccer this morning followed by some afternoon and evening playoff hockey. Western conference NBA finals start today, as well as the Halifax Mooseheads playing the Saskatoon Blades in game 3 of the Memorial Cup. Today, like every other day, I will have no life. Couldn’t narrow my picks down to 3 today, so I went with 4. Lowers my odds, but tickets I bet seem to have 0% chance anyway.

The Bet: MLB Toronto Blue Jays (2.80) (T2.85) @ New York Yankees (2.10)

I tend to bet baseball games heavily depending on who is taking the mound for each side. Today, I knew I was betting on the Yankees before I even checked the pitching matchup and got lucky in that respect. C.C. Sabathia (4-3, 3.19 ERA) is up against R.A. Dickey (3-5, 4.83 ERA) in a fantastic battle of the abbreviated given names.I like C.C. to outperform R.A., which adds to my reasons to bet this game. The Yankees have dominated the Blue Jays at home so far this season, they are 15-9 at home this season and have won 9 straight home games vs the Jays. The Jays will have to be lights out to beat the Yankees today, but I don’t expect that from a team who seems to be terrified to play in New York.

NHL New York Rangers (1.90) @ Boston Bruins (1.65)

Flashback to last series. Game 2 in Boston, the Bruins played maybe their worst game of the series and lost 4-2 to Toronto. This series vs the Rangers I’m expecting the same sort of letdown we saw last series for the Bruins. Boston strikes me as a team that can play as dominant a brand of hockey they want, but for them that is a problem. They seem to think they can turn their dominance on and off whenever they want. They did that in game 7 vs. Toronto, but it doesn’t always happen as they plan it. They quite often play an arrogant version of hockey where they seem to think “we’re going to win the series and this particular game doesn’t matter”. Rangers take advantage of the arrogant Bruins like they almost did last game. The series will be tied 1-1 heading to New York.

Pittsburgh Penguins (1.60) vs Ottawa Senators (1.95)

Jason Spezza returns to lineup just in time to watch Sydney Crosby retake his “greatest ever” form and run away with yet another playoff series against the Senators. Remember a few years ago when Syd toyed with Spezza below the goaline for 30 seconds before setting up a teammate for a beautiful goal? I feel like that play would be the perfect representation of this series. Sure the Senators get to play along with Syd and the Cool Kids, but only if they understand that the Penguins are eventually gonna make the play that ends the game. Penguins win and take the 3-0 stranglehold on the series.

NBA Memphis Grizzlies (4.00) (T2.70) vs San Antonio Spurs( 1.90)

Defence, defence, defence. Even in the high scoring NBA, you won’t get anywhere without playing solid defensively. The 2 best defensive teams win the Western Conference square off tonight in what will be a very hard fought series. The scores will be like bad college games. I’m actually picking Memphis to upset San Antonio in game 1 tonight, but only by a few points. Both teams will struggle earlier offensively as they figure out how to attack one another’s stifling defences. Game 1 is settled by less than 6 points.

$5 pays $88.82


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